Why Veena?

Veena Gupta
She is India‘s top security expert with over 2 decades of experience, also an accomplished entrepreneur, 
author and sought after life
coach & Tedx speaker.  

Veena Gupta is a leading Relationship counselor & Emotional Wellness coach who has made a profound impact, touching the lives of over 1000 individuals. Her expertise has been instrumental in guiding people through various stages and issues in their lives, resulting in positive and transformative outcomes.

Certified as a trainer and instructor in women’s self-defense and Posh (Prevention of Sexual Harassment
at the Workplace Act, 2013), Veena also earned a bachelor’s degree in law (LLB).
Her legal knowledge enables her to guide individuals through the legal system, offering timely assistance.

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Profile highlights

  • Founder of Seam Global Consulting (Singapore) and Seam Group India 
  • Founder of WESS NGO, Women Safety
  •  Mobile App- MSMR and She Talks 
  • Author of “MSMR” and Creator of Women Safety Mobile App 
  • Life Coach and Tedx Speaker 
  • Security Practitioner and Martial Artist 
  • Women’s empowerment, Safety Expert and Self Defense Coach 
  • Risk Consultant, Executive Protection Expert and ISO Lead Auditor (27001-13) 
  • Mrs India Queen (First Runner Up 2015) 
  • YouTube Channel Owner: SheTalks 

Her Journey

Coming from an orthodox family with six siblings, Veena was a rebel always protecting her siblings against bullying & eve-teasing.
Veena admired Kiran Bedi and aspired to join the CRPF or become a police officer. However, her orthodox family’s lack of support, along with her slender build and short height, posed significant obstacles to her dreams.
She went on to work in the hospitality industry after completing her education, but she always aspired for more than just a job. Eventually she also got married & gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She sought work that would allow her to balance professional responsibilities with caring for her child. A multinational corporation seeking a security officer found in Veena the ideal candidate, given her background and expertise in the field.
Despite facing challenges such as battling stereotypes about women and enduring social censure and skepticism from colleagues and clients, Veena persevered through numerous professional and personal setbacks during her early years in the industry. Her resilience and determination ultimately led to her success.
Due to her profound understanding of life’s challenges, people began seeking Veena out for guidance and emotional counseling. Which started her journey as a seasoned Emotional Wellness coach & a leading Relationship counselor.

Key achievements:

  • Google Icon 2022 
  • Build India Award (Bharat Nirman) at IIC New Delhi 
  • India’s pioneer Female Bodyguard
  • Secona Shield Security Professional Award 2017
  • Mrs. India Queen 2nd Runner up Award(2015)
  • Haryana Cultural Institute Award
  • The Lady Bodyguard award by the  society magazine
  • Commendation Certificate from Gurgaon Police (Commissioner Police Mr. Alok Mittal)
  • Certificate by the DC, in Emergency  evacuation mock drill and WOMEN  SAFETY programme of DC GURGAON
  • Professional of the year 2017 women in security field award
  • Written various articles on women safety – for all Print media partners
  • Running a self funded self defense school to impart free self defense training for community girls and boys
  • Keynote Speaker at BW Businessworld  National Smart City Summit 2017 & 2018
  • Tedx Speaker- Topic- Female Body  Guard
  • Tedx Speaker- Flip the Coin, Accused can be a Victim -498 a Law
  • Women Achiever Awards 2019
  • Women Achievers Award 2020 and many more